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Dolce Lisa braiding boutique


Hi, I'm Nat - a braider from the Sunshine Coast and the owner of the Wow Braids store. We supply quality braiding materials that I personally use every day in my work. 

I decided to open a braiding supply shop because I saw a lack of high -professional - quality kanekalon/extensions in Australia. Instead there is so much low quality Jumbo or fake ones like X-pression (this one is the most copied brand of extensions in the world, sold on Ebay/Amazon/Etsy) on the Australian market, that many beginners use without knowing about a better option.

The quality of the material we use affects the quality of our work - how it looks, how long it lasts, the speed of the braiding process and even how we enjoy it. And for the braiders we offer wholesale prices!

Styling products that we sell are also genuine - imported from the US (and not bought from China).

Any questions? I'll be happy to answer!

Nat x

Reach out with any questions